Wira Energi

Waste To Energy

Incinerator & Pyrolysis Waste Management Solution

Waste is a problem that represents high costs to governments, citizens, companies, and has a strong environmental effect on our planet. WE is focused on allowing organizations to utilize their waste and empower our planet. Our proprietary and advanced technology allows for an unmatched result: to convert a variety of waste types into energy at a remarkably high rate. Our process is highly energy efficient, and it produces no pollution. Our equipment allows our customers to eliminate expenses on waste-disposal, produce electricity and operate in a highly profitable way.

Let's clean our planet

WE's unique proposal:

  • Invest and build Waste Processing Plant Facilities are safe and environmentally friendly with promising employment opportunities.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and pollution garbage.
  • Meet the requirement of power supply and diesel.
  • By recovering energy from unused waste into useful materials, WE brings Pemda an advantageous in managing Landfill

Sequence Processing and Waste Destruction