Wira Energi

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Wira Energi is private utility company that is focusing on utilities supply. We encounter internal difficulties by using traditional utility meter from manual reading, manual billing, payment collection, and manual controlling. To address this current problem we inovate solutions which is IoT prepaid utility (gas, water, electricity) meter system. Our IoT meter system is using LoraWan technology. This technology help us to remote monitoring, remote top-up, analyzing, controlling, automated billing and payment collection. By having this solution many companies and building operator are interested in our solution. So now we’re concerning to roll out this solution to all over the world in bringing great solutions for all.

Smart Meter

The Smart Meter is supporting your gas, electric and water supply to tenants

Simplify your administration to check the use of the gas, sent the bills and receipt, to pay or collecting the payment using your smart phones.