Natural Gas

Thru pipeline, CNG and LNG

WE offers many advantages by using the natural gas through a distribution pipeline within the area of industrial estates/parks, commercial and residential. Replacing LPG to NG at your existing Malls using NG (Natural Gas) for restaurants in malls will get some benefit in cost, safety and efficiency. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) could be used before the online pipeline is connected.

Let us get and manage NG supply at your Malls.

Our services include:

  • Inspection of the standard & quality of the existing gas pipe or engineering & design a new installation.

  • Investment in pipe modification and online pipe connection including all required accessories.

  • Adjustment all appliances using NG at all tenants.

  • Guarantee of the NG supply.

  • Handling all complaints and compensating claim from your tenants.

  • Operation & Maintenance.

Our leading products are:

  • ISO tank container, storage tank and trailer in cryogenic field for LNG.

  • LNG filling skid and LNG filling station.

  • CNG storage cylinder, CNG trailer and CNG refilling station.

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